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Tim Ferguson: Links

Jazz 901 top 100 jazz releases of 2008
My duo recording "What's Going On?" with Tom Dempsey was voted one of the top 100 jazz releases of the year!
You Tube
Steve Shapiro/Tim Ferguson duo-"Goodbye Porkpie Hat" by Charles Mingus
You Tube
Tom Dempsey/Tim Ferguson duo performing live at the Detroit Groove society 11/29/09.
Here's a video of me playing a solo electric bass blues.
Here's a link to a video of Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson performing in Brugge, Belgium on our March 2007 European tour.
You Tube
Tim Ferguson interview
Tom is the guitarist and co-leader of the Tom Dempsey/Tim Ferguson Quartet. Tom and I have been playing together for nearly 20 years.
New York Times
Here is a link to the NY Times obituary for my friend, the great bassist Dennis Irwin. I miss him every day, he was the best.
Tom Dempsey/Tim ferguson Myspace page
Another Myspace page for the Dempsey/Ferguson duo and quartet
My brilliant physicist step-daughter's web site
My work isn't exactly rocket science... but my step-daughter's is! Well, actually she's just working on string theory and quantum field theory in curved space times, you know: "generating non-trivial, time dependent, string backgrounds", stuff like that .
Jeff is the drummer and co-leader of Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson, the piano trio that I have been a part of since 1989.
Michael is the pianist and co-leader of Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson.
Gary Fogel is a very creative drummer and composer and leader of the Gary Fogel Trio with which I recently recorded the CD "Sensory Perception". Check out his site for more about him and the group including music downloads.
Frank is the artist who did the covers for the Dempsey/Ferguson Quartet CD Perspectives and the Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson CD Get Out of Town. Check out his site for more of his great art work.